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CSV Processing at Scale

How we built “Rig” to handle 100+ Mil(with 2GB+ files) csv rows per day

  • Event: Large Scale Production Engineering (India) - Dec, 2019
  • About: Apache Drill, GCS, Kubernetes, Go, gRPC
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Building DSLs with Ruby

On Benefits and use cases of DSLs, and how we are using DSLs at Clarisights

  • Event: Bangalore Ruby User Group - Nov, 2019
  • About: Ruby, DSLs, CronJobs, Alerting
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Building Kubernetes Autoscaler

How we built PHPA, and lessons learned while building and running it in production.

  • Event: Bangalore Ruby User Group - Apr, 2019
  • About: Ruby, Kubernetes, Graphite, InfluxDB
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